Causes of co-occurring conditions

Because co-occurring conditions describes a condition in which the patient experiences more than one mental disorder as well as a possible addiction, the causes can vary significantly. Co-occurring conditions can create significant conflict, stress and frustration for the individual as well as family, friends and even employers. Lindner Center of HOPE can help.

Although leading researchers are still actively exploring the specific causes of why certain individuals experience co-occurring conditions, most agree that mental illnesses and addictions are caused by a complex interaction of biological, environmental, psychological, and even possible medical factors:

  • Biological factors may include genetic (or hereditary) and neurochemical differences in the individual’s brain.
  • Environmental factors can include stress, quality of home life, exposure to violence or abuse, and unique personal experiences.
  • Individuals with certain temperaments or personality features may be more susceptible to certain mental illnesses.
  • Psychosocial, social and cultural factors include peer influence, high stress living environments, and availability of substances.

Fortunately, progressive, proven treatment is available through Lindner Center of HOPE. A leading team of clinicians and licensed psychotherapists can accurately diagnose and guide patients suffering from co-occurring conditions toward a life of recovery.