Anxiety Disorder Screening

Please answer yes or no to each of the following:

  • When you feel anxious or worried, is it difficult to breathe?
  • Do you get headaches or feel other physical symptoms, such as a sense of choking, vomiting or dizziness, when you’re worried or in a stressful situation?
  • When you experience anxiety, do you feel as if circumstances around you are not real?
  • Do you find yourself consistently worrying that something bad will happen to you or those important to you?
  • Do you find yourself worrying or anxious for no apparent reason?
  • Are you afraid of having panic or anxiety attacks?

These questions are intended to help a person recognize if he or she may need an evaluation for an anxiety disorder. If you are experiencing these symptoms or if you are struggling with anxiety, you may benefit from a professional assessment.


For an assessment and consultation with a licensed therapist at Lindner Center of HOPE, please call 513-536-HOPE (4673).

Adapted from questionnaire developed by Boris Birmaher, MD; Suneeta Khetarpal, MD; Marlane Cully, Med; David Brent, MD; and Sandra McKenzie PhD– Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, University of Pgh (10/95).