Lindner Center of HOPE Library: Resources for Anxiety Disorders

Screening for Adolescents

Complete this screening with your child for a more detailed look at whether anxiety is affecting an adolescent in your life.

Common Anxiety Disorders Facts for Adolescents

Learn about common anxiety disorders adolescents face.



Anxiety Disorder Association of America

American Psychological Association

Calm Clinic

EMDR Institute (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

National Institute of Mental Health: Anxiety Disorders

The Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Alliance

Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Association

National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health: Anxiety in Children and Adolescents

US Department of Veterans Affairs: National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Warren County Educational Service Center

My Mood Monitor™
A three minute assessment for anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder. My Mood Monitor™ Copyright © 2002-2010 by M3 Information™.

The Lingering Trauma of Child Abuse

Home Management Strategies for PTSD

How Service and Therapy dogs are Helping PTSD Victims

Post Trauma Stress Disorder: Suggestions for Survival

Addiction and Suicide Amongst Veterans: Finding Hope in the Darkness

Partners with PTSD


When Panic Attacks: The New, Drug-Free Anxiety Therapy That Can Change Your Life
David D. Burns

Mastery of Your Anxiety and Panic: Workbook (Treatments That Work)
David H. Barlow and Michelle G. Craske

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
Edmund Bourne, 2005, New Harbinger

Calming Your Anxious Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You From Anxiety, Fear and Panic
Jeffrey Brantley and Jon Kabat-Zinn 2003, New Harbinger

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life: The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Steven C. Hayes 2005, New Harbinger

The Worry Control Workbook
By Mary Ellen Copeland

The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven Techniques for Overcoming Your Fears
Martin Anthony and Richard Swinson 2002, New Harbinger

What You Must Think of Me: A Firsthand Account of One Teenager’s Experience with Social Anxiety Disorder
Emily Ford, Michael Liebowitz, and Linda Wasmer Andrews

Painfully Shy: How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Reclaim Your Life
Barbara Markway (Author), Gregory Markway (Author)