The Anxiety Disorders Program at
Lindner Center of HOPE

Anxiety disorders can strike anyone. Anxiety disorders and the accompanying distresses they create can inflict a staggering toll on individuals and family members. Other physical and mental illnesses often co-occur with anxiety and can lead to additional problems. Fortunately, effective treatment can alleviate symptoms and allow patients to live meaningful lives.

Anxiety treatment programs at Lindner Center of HOPE deliver results. Comprehensive inpatient, outpatient and residential treatment programs, personalized to the needs of each individual, teach patients effective solutions for overcoming anxiety.

Lindner Center of HOPE’s proven approach to treatment reflects the latest professional advancements and protocols as well as proven techniques for treating anxiety, including a powerful combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and medication therapy. Individualized therapy and education for both patient and family help patients manage anxiety and lead productive, rewarding lives.


Learn about support groups for anxiety disorders at Lindner Center of HOPE.


Everyone experiences symptoms of anxiety from time to time, but for those who suffer with anxiety disorders, these symptoms are intense, often unrelenting and can interfere with family relationships and one’s ability to function.

Click here for a brief self test developed by anxiety specialists that can help individuals determine if they need an evaluation for anxiety. However, only a licensed professional in a one-on-one setting can positively and properly diagnose anxiety.