Causes of Substance and Behavioral Addictions

Addictions inflict a staggering toll on individuals, families, and even employers. Although leading researchers are still exploring the specific causes of substance or behavioral addictions, most understand that addictions are caused by a complex interaction of biological and environmental factors:

  • Biological factors may include genetic (or hereditary) and neurochemical differences in the individual’s brain’s response to treatment.
  • Environmental factors can include stress, quality of home life, exposure to violence or abuse, substance’s or behavior’s effects on mood, as well as previous personal experiences.
  • Psychosocial, social and cultural factors include peer influence, experimentation with substances or behaviors, availability of substance or ease of pursuing addictive behavior.

Fortunately, progressive, proven treatment is available through Lindner Center of HOPE. A team of clinicians and licensed psychotherapists experienced in treating addictions and their underlying causes can accurately diagnose and guide patients toward a life of recovery.