Lindner Center of HOPE Launched The Advancing HOPE Campaign on May 1, 2014

Ribbon Cutting and Special Recognition of Sue and Bill Butler Were Highlights of Event

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On May 1st Lindner Center of HOPE hosted the grand opening of its new Sibcy House for Adults, while announcing plans to raise $15 million for the Center.


The $15 million Advancing HOPE fundraising campaign is co-chaired by LCOH Board members, Sharon Frisbie and Pam Sibcy. Members of Lindner Center of HOPE’s board of directors and campaign cabinet raised $9.2 million dollars during a quiet phase, with the intention of supporting facility and program enhancement, strengthening the Center’s endowment to allow for the continued growth of the outstanding research taking place, as well as boost on-going funds for the Center. Another key goal of campaign efforts is to increase the number of people that know and support the Center, spreading the message about the amazing work that is taking place.


Lindner Center of HOPE broke ground in August 2013 on a 15,816sf addition to the existing facility, in order to allow Sibcy House to relocate into the new and enhanced therapeutic environment. The ultimate plan included the relocation of Sibcy House to open up space within the current hospital to add a new adolescent comprehensive diagnostic and treatment program for patients ages 11 to 17. The adolescent program opened on May 12, 2014.


Both Sibcy House and the new adolescent program specialize in intensive assessment and treatment of patients with complex mental health and addiction issues during a short-term residential treatment stay. A multi-disciplinary team is assigned to each patient and works to provide diagnostic clarity and clinical skills development to help them achieve treatment success. With Sibcy’s success, the adolescent program has been a steady request coming from Lindner Center of HOPE constituencies.


This event featured a ribbon cutting and recognition of Sue and Bill Butler.  Mr. Butler serves as a member of the Center’s Board of Directors.


Mr. Butler, President and CEO of Corporex Companies, is experienced in building commercial buildings and residential buildings. He is dedicated to community service and early on, when planning began for new construction at Lindner Center of HOPE, Mr. Butler offered to take charge. Mr. Butler was recognized for giving his time and talent to assist with the design of the building and offering cost-saving ideas.



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