Planning for Admissions

What to expect during your hospital stay

Lindner Center of HOPE understands that a hospital stay, particularly for mental health reasons, can be frightening and is often a difficult decision to make. At Lindner Center of HOPE your return to stability and your safety are paramount. Your care, and the reassurance to loved ones that you are being properly cared for, is of critical importance.

To begin your stay, you will arrive on our 36-acre, private, wooded-setting located in Mason, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati. To enter our campus, you will proceed down a half-mile drive across open fields with majestic, tree-lined paths. As you proceed down the drive, the Lindner Center of HOPE will come into view, a lodge-like building nestled in a rolling terrain.

As you enter the two-story lobby, you will be greeted by our Welcome Center staff. Our Intake staff will assist you in completing the admission process and also signing necessary paperwork that will facilitate the beginning of treatment. The safety of everyone in the Center is fundamental to providing exceptional care. In order to accomplish this your personal items will be reviewed for restricted and safety items. While meeting with the Intake staff you will be asked about medications and requested to send medications home with your loved one. We’ll provide your medications during your stay and make sure you leave with any needed prescriptions.

Once you arrive on the unit, unit staff will show you to your room and around the unit, introducing you to other staff and patients. Once you’ve settled in, a staff member will review our patient handbook with you. Your individualized treatment will begin with a private conversation with a member of the treatment team. During this initial conversation, you will discuss your symptoms and treatment goals. You will have the opportunity to meet with each member of the treatment team and begin development of your treatment plan.

Your treatment team will work throughout your stay to prepare a mutually agreed upon discharge plan. Your involvement is critical to the discharge planning process. As you prepare for your return to home, it is of utmost importance to your (success, future, recovery) that follow-up care is arranged and in place before leaving the facility.

The safety of everyone in the Center is fundamental to providing exceptional care. In order to accomplish this your personal belongings will be reviewed for restricted and safety items.

Planning for an adolescent psychiatric inpatient admission will vary from an adult stay. The admitting nurse will advise on approved items and how families can properly prepare.

What To Bring For Your Stay

Your comfort while staying at Lindner Center of HOPE is important. Here is a simple of list of items to pack (For adolescents staying on the Cincinnati Children’s unit, the admitting nurse will approve items.):

  • 3-5 changes of casual, comfortable clothing
  • 3-5 changes of undergarments and socks
  • Shoes
  • Pajamas
  • Slippers
  • Grooming items, in plastic containers
  • List of medications
  • Prepaid phonecard/calling card
  • Advance directives

Restricted Items

To assure safety for everyone at the Center, we require that all items brought by family members are checked by our security staff. An approved list is included in the Admission Packet and is available for download here. If you do not have the list or have a question about something specific you would like to bring, we encourage you to call the the Center and ask to speak with the unit where your loved one is receiving care. Many times there are special circumstances or doctor’s orders that may supercede the standard list. The Lindner Center phone number is 513-536-HOPE (4673).

Restricted Items List