Financial & Insurance Information

Financial Obligations

At Lindner Center of HOPE, we understand that dealing with the financial implications of mental illness can be difficult. That is why we are here to help. Together we can work through your financial obligations, insurance questions and payment options.

Pricing Disclosures

At Lindner Center of HOPE, we understand that the financial implications of mental illness can be difficult. We are available to discuss with you your financial obligations, insurance questions and payment options. In compliance with state law, Lindner Center of HOPE is providing this price list containing our room and board and ancillary services. The hospital charges are the same for all patients, but a patient’s responsibility may vary, depending on payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers.

This applies to Lindner Center of HOPE hospitalization and services not including Sibcy House or Williams House at Lindner Center of HOPE.

Download Lindner Center of HOPE Patient Price Information List, click here.

What insurance plans do you accept?

Insurance coverage can vary widely, and specific services covered are stipulated by each individual’s benefits plan. We strongly encourage individuals and/or families to call their carrier and verify coverage prior to receiving care at Lindner Center of HOPE.

Insurance for hospitalization and other hospital-based services:

In general, Lindner Center of HOPE accepts payment from major insurance carriers for hospitalization. Some other services, depending upon the patient’s coverage, may also be covered. A partial listing of insurance programs accepted at Lindner Center of HOPE for hospitalization and other inpatient services are listed here. Questions about your insurance can be directed to a Lindner Center of HOPE representative when you inquire about care at 513-536-HOPE (4673).

  • Aetna
  • Anthem (Does not include Medicare HMO Product)
  • Cigna Behavioral Health
  • HealthSpan
  • Humana (LifeSync) (Includes Humana Choice/Gold Medicare Products)
  • Medicare
  • Medical Mutual
  • Ohio Medicaid (ages 11 to 21 and 65 and over)
  • United Behavioral Health (Includes Secure Horizons & AARP Medicare Products)
  • Regarding financial obligations for adolescent services provided by Cincinnati Children’s at Lindner Center of HOPE, most major insurance programs cover treatment services offered, with limited availability for non-Ohio Medicaid. Financial service representatives at Cincinnati Children’s are available to answer questions and assist families in obtaining insurance authorization or applying for financial aid programs. For questions in regards to financial services, please call: 513-636-4427 and press option 9.

Insurance for Outpatient Services:

Lindner Center of HOPE Professional Associates accepts the following insurance plans:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna Behavioral Health
  • Humana (LifeSync) (Includes Humana Choice/Gold Medicare Products)
  • Medicare
  • Medical Mutual
  • United Behavioral Health (Includes Secure Horizons & AARP Medicare Products)

Registration staff will verify whether your insurance plan is in or out of network. Co-insurance, co-pays, deductibles, out-of-network balances, and fees for services not covered by insurance or elected as self-pay will be collected at the point of service. Fees vary by clinician and specialty. Please call 513-536-HOPE (4673).

Financing Options

Lindner Center of HOPE understands that financing options may be useful to patients and families as they consider how to manage diagnostic and treatment expenses. To that end, Lindner Center of HOPE evaluated some financing options that may be able to assist patients and families. Below are two lending companies, that have experience in assisting families in need of mental healthcare and addictions services. Lindner Center of HOPE provides information about each company, strictly as a resource for patients and families and is not affiliated with and/or endorsing either company.

Prosper Healthcare Lending

Prosper HealthCare Lending is the premier financing company in the behavioral health industry. With over $3 Billion borrowed and over 250,000 people empowered, this is a name and a program you can trust.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive with a loan from ProsperHealthcareLending:

  • Immediate decisions for loans under $35,000Dark-Blue-Buttons_13
  • Longer terms for lower monthly payments
  • No collateral required
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Fast & easy loan inquiry process
  • 100% Confidential

*Please note that Lindner Center of HOPE Professional Associates (LCOHPA) does not work with Prosper Healthcare Lending.

M-Lend Financial

M-Lend Financial has served the Medical Community for 20 years.

  • 0% APR for at least 12 months for qualified applicants
  • No required payoff or back accrued interest charges
  • Financing up to $50,000
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Pay off your balance at any time
  • Keep other credit lines available for emergencies or other important expenses

Apply online at:

Call:  888-474-6231

Financial Assistance

Lindner Center of HOPE (LCOH) recognizes that some patients requiring emergent services (inpatient hospitalization) have limited financial resources. To help ease the burden of these healthcare expenses, LCOH will extend a discount off billed charges up to 100% to uninsured or underinsured patients for inpatient services who have –

1. Provided proof of residency in the state of Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky;
2. Made a good faith effort to obtain insurance coverage if affordable coverage is available to them or apply for any government sponsored insurance programs they may qualify for; and
3. Demonstrated financial need due to limited income based on the most recently published Federal Income Poverty Guide (FPG) and total resources.

For patients requiring emergent services (inpatient hospitalization) not meeting the criteria above, LCOH will extend a discount off billed charges. The amount of this discount will be determined annually based on Amounts Generally Billed to Insurance and Medicare.

Physicians and non-physician clinicians who provide services at LCOH are encouraged but not required to follow this policy. These groups include Lindner Center of HOPE Professional Associates and University of Cincinnati Physicians.

2017 Household Size Federal Income Poverty Guideline Lindner Center of HOPE Guideline

Financial Asst chart 1_17

Note: A dependent is defined as the patient’s spouse (regardless of whether they live in the home), and all of the patient’s children, natural, adoptive, or step, under the age of eighteen whose primary residence is the patient’s home. If the patient is under the age of eighteen, the “family” shall include the patient, the patient’s natural or adoptive parents (regardless of whether they live in the home), and the parents’ children, natural or adoptive under the age of eighteen who live in the home.

Income verification must accompany the application.   Please provide proof of gross income for the last pay periods for each employer in the current year and a copy of page 1 of the most recent 1040 federal return. If you receive income from another source, such as child support, alimony, social security, pension, etc., please provide documentation of the amount and frequency of payment.

Click here for Financial Assistance Application.

If you meet the requirements stated above, and wish to apply for financial assistance, please print and fully complete the Financial Assistance Application.

Eligibility will be determined when the application and all supporting documents are received. LCOH will make a determination within 21 calendar days and will notify the patient by mail of their acceptance or denial. Incomplete applications will be automatically denied after 45 calendar days. Patients can resubmit a complete application at any time.

Our Financial Counselors are available to discuss the Lindner Center of HOPE Financial Assistance Program from 8am to 9pm Monday through Friday by calling (513)536-0224.

This completed application along with income verification should be sent to the following address for processing:

Lindner Center of HOPE
4075 Old Western Row Road
Mason, OH 45040
Attention: Financial Counselor