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Lindner Center of HOPE provides patient-centered, scientifically-advanced care for individuals suffering with mental illness. See the video, An Introduction to Lindner Center of HOPE, click here.


Mood Disorders
Eating Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Addictive Disorders
Co-occurring Psychiatric Disorders


48 private rooms for short-term acute hospital stays (A specialized treatment team cares exclusively for adolescents age 12 to 17 at Cincinnati Children’s at Lindner Center of HOPE.)
Serving patients age 12 years and older
Accepting all major insurances


Sibcy House program, for age 18 and older, offers specialized assessment and short-term intensive treatment for individuals struggling with mental health, addiction and complex, co-morbid issues in an enhanced therapeutic environment. The Sibcy House 10-day comprehensive diagnostic is comprised of a multi-disciplinary assessment process combined with essential clinical observation with a goal of bringing clarity to complex issues. Symptom reduction strategies are also implemented during this time. Those staying beyond the diagnostic component will benefit from intensive treatment and skills building with Dialectical Behavior Therapy underpinnings, but enhanced by other evidence-based treatment models.

Similarly, Williams House, offers a specialized and intimate treatment setting within the Lindner Center of HOPE, focusing on intensive assessment and treatment of patients, age 11 through 17, suffering with complex, co-morbid mental health issues. As adolescence is such a tender time, accurate diagnosis, effective treatment planning, and the development of a solid blueprint for treatment success and realistic future focus is even more crucial. A 21-day diagnostic stay for adolescents results in a detailed but concise diagnostic picture which includes the results of genetic testing for the development of the optimal psychopharmacologic treatment plan. Additional treatment weeks, beyond the diagnostic assessment, feature a strengths-based approach to treatment helping adolescents build skills readying them for next steps in treatment and life.

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The Research Institute conducts advanced clinical and outcomes research in affiliation with the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Areas of focus include: mood disorders, eating disorders, genetics and psychopharmacology.




The Lindner Center of HOPE is a nonprofit, mental health center staffed by a diverse team, united in the philosophy that by working together, we can best offer hope for people living with mental illness. The patient and family are at the center of our treatment, education and research.


Lindner Center of HOPE will be a universally recognized leader in mental health care.

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